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Impact of feral hog population

Cornfield damaged by feral hogs
  • Rooting and wallowing in pastures and hayfields
  • Eating row crops
  • Feeding on calves, lambs and goats
  • Threatening livestock by carrying disease, including brucellosis and pseudorabies
  • Destruction of fences
  • Damage to forests and regeneration
  • Competition for food with wildlife
  • Increased soil erosion and reduced water quality
  • Destruction of nests and feeding on eggs and young ground-nesting birds

Proven Feral Hog Control

With the vast number of wild hogs in the U.S. on the rise, and costs to plant and maintain crops increasing, the need for protecting properties from devastating destruction becomes more than just a concern - it is a reality.

Pigs trapped by stock tank or pond

Trapping has proven to be the most efficient and cost effective method used in the attempt to control the rising number of hogs.

We at Voorhies Outdoor Products offer simple, well made products at an affordable price to assist with the prevention of crop and property destruction that accompany the growing hog population. We stand behind our products and take great pride in the quality and simplicity our products have to offer.

We also carry a line of LED lighting made especially for night-time game observation or hog hunting, including bow and rifle mounted lights with rechargeable batteries.

See all of our Trapping and Kill Light hunting products.

Our wild hog traps are available at:

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Voorhies Outdoor Products: Save Money, Save Your Property

Voorhies Outdoor Products can help you get control, fast. Our hog gates, hog and humane turtle traps are built tough and made to last. They’re affordable, too, which is why we’re the fasting growing animal trap company in the United States today. Discover what smart ranchers, hunters and property owners throughout Texas and Florida already know: Voorhies Outdoor Products can make the difference.

Hog Traps for Sale! No Complicated Trip Wires, Fast Results

Did you know that all hog traps are NOT created equal? Check out the hardworking design of our best selling wild hog trap. With a helpful mix of strength and portability, this is tough enough to restrain the largest, most aggressive hog, while still light enough to be transported by a single person. Made to conveniently transport in the back of your truck or SUV, it features total welded construction and sturdy 6 gauge wire mesh panels with steel angle. And with no trip wires to prepare, it’s simple to use and move around your property as needed. We also sell collapsible hog traps for even greater convenience. These can be modified to become a pet kennel or other animal transportation too! Have an existing feeder pen? Take control of a feral hog population with one of our super effective hog gates that can be attached quickly and easily to any setup you already have.

Effective Feral Hog Control and More.

We also carry a full range of hog hunting lights, feeder lights, and more. What about one of our innovative green kill lights that uses a handy dusk to dawn  monitor to save energy, without spooking the wildlife? Connect it to your corn feeders, set the light, and wait for the varmints to come to you! It’s easy to use, quick to assemble and completely portable, too. Our kill lights are perfect for hunters, wildlife observers and for trapping too-and as a Voorhies Outdoor Products exclusive, part of why we’re famous among outdoor enthusiasts throughout Texas, Florida and beyond. 

Easy To Assemble, Always High Quality

You can purchase our products at a variety of hardware and farm supply stores from Central Texas to 14 other states nationwide. Priced affordably and always made with utmost concern for quality and value, we’re the name everybody’s talking about when it comes to getting control, fast. Ask for Voorhies Outdoor Products today!