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Impact of feral hog population

Cornfield damaged by feral hogs
  • Rooting and wallowing in pastures and hayfields
  • Eating row crops
  • Feeding on calves, lambs and goats
  • Threatening livestock by carrying disease, including brucellosis and pseudorabies
  • Destruction of fences
  • Damage to forests and regeneration
  • Competition for food with wildlife
  • Increased soil erosion and reduced water quality
  • Destruction of nests and feeding on eggs and young ground-nesting birds

Proven Feral Hog Control

With the vast number of wild hogs in the U.S. on the rise, and costs to plant and maintain crops increasing, the need for protecting properties from devastating destruction becomes more than just a concern - it is a reality.

Pigs trapped by stock tank or pond

Trapping has proven to be the most efficient and cost effective method used in the attempt to control the rising number of hogs.

We at Voorhies Outdoor Products offer simple, well made products at an affordable price to assist with the prevention of crop and property destruction that accompany the growing hog population. We stand behind our products and take great pride in the quality and simplicity our products have to offer.

We also carry a line of LED lighting made especially for night-time game observation or hog hunting, including bow and rifle mounted lights with rechargeable batteries.

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