Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bait to use for trapping hogs?

We mainly use clean deer corn. Some people like to sour the corn for the smell. Be creative, if one thing isn’t working don’t be afraid to try something different. There are many good attractants on the market which will only enhance your setup.

How do you know where to setup traps and gates for trapping?

We like to find areas that contain fresh as well as old signs of hogs. These areas are more likely to catch hogs more consistently. During dry times, tanks and river beds that don’t go dry are good choices. Areas of good cover, close to this water is a good bet also. During the hotter months shady areas, especially around water, are good choices as well. These are good places to look for signs of hogs. The concentration of the sign will lead you to your setup spot.

How large should pens be built when using the Hog Gate?

The bigger the better. The ones you see on the site are built from four 20ft. panels, which including the gate makes a 28 ft. diameter pen. Be sure to use plenty of T-posts. Over-built is always better. Spend the time the first time and build it strong and it will payoff.

How do you set the doors on the trap and gate?

The doors on the trap and gate are not required to be set. The hogs will root through the doors with out them being propped open. No trip wires, springs or latches. If you feel better propping the door open for the first one to “see” the way in it definitely won’t hurt.

Should I wire the doors open until I know the hogs are going in?

Wiring the doors open until you see sign of hogs entering the trap, in my opinion, will increase your odds but it is not a requirement.